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Welcome to the

Nanotechnology Lab

Latest developments in the Group
  • Dr. Nicolas Vargas was invited to present our work on 1D Magnetic chains in the Surface Science of Organic Molecular Solids, Films, and Nanostructures - Materials Synthesis, Deposition, and Device preparation session at the APS March meeting 2019. We thank the organizers for allowing us to disseminate our research to a distinguished audience.

  • Thanks, Dr. Ali Beskok, Chair of the Mechanical Engineering Department at SMU for letting us participate in His project dedicated to studying self-similarity of electrodes in nanofluidics. Our paper titled  "Self-Similar Interfacial Impedance of Electrodes in High Conductivity Media: II. Disk Electrodes" has been accepted for publication in Analytical Chemistry.

  • Welcome to Dr. Jose Luis Reyes, our first postdoctoral researcher, who is going to work on different topics including clean energy, photocatalysis, and electrochemical deposition for the fabrication of multifunctional nanostructures. Dr. Reyes is funded by CONACYD, Mexico.

  • Congratulations Amanda Flores and Arturo Galindo who have been accepted in the Ph.D. program at UTSA!

  • Dr. Monton gave an invited talk at the SACNAS Conference held in San Antonio Texas this year.

  • Dr. Monton was invited to present his results on 1D Quantum Chains at the XVII MRS International Research Society Conference held in Cancun, Mexico. 

  • Dr. Monton attended the MAGNAMED Mid-term meeting held in Lisbon Portugal this year.